It all looked so easy from outside. But AB said he felt nervous and stressed like any other player. Kidding!

“I’m very very nervous and erratic in chase and I get very stressed like any player. I want to perform for the team and show the owners I’m here for a good reason. And I want to show that to my family, fans, and also to myself,” said De Villiers in the post-match presentation.

The South African could not complete the job against Kings XI Punjab in the last match, and De Villiers said he wanted to do well against the Royals.

“Last game, I didn’t perform my role well, but this time I did. It’s a cat and mouse game, I always respect the bowlers. If they bowl well to me, they’ll have the upper hand. I didn’t hit even one of the sixes off the middle. When Unadkat was bowling, I was looking at leg side. Luckily, I got a few away. I was discussing it with Virat too, let’s stitch together some partnership and go ahead,” he said.

However, De Villiers admitted that RCB gave away 15-20 runs more and still the team needed to do some work. “I felt we bowled as well as we could have but leaked some runs and no-balls which usually Yuzi doesn’t do. I felt we gave away 15-20 runs too much. We’ve had some good games and we’ve had some average games, let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a reason we’re not at the top of the table,” said De Villiers.


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