The Royals, who had a fast start with back-to-back wins in the first two matches, have secured six points from eight games managing just one in their last six matches.

With six more games to go, Archer feels there are wins there to be had for his side and it’s just that they need to perform as a group to get the desired results.

“I think there are wins out there and we just as a team need to go out there and get those wins. We’ve had some good performances this year now we just need to get together and do well collectively in the coming games,” said Archer in a release issued by Rajasthan Royals.

Rajasthan Royals are known as a side which never gives up until the end and the pace spearhead acknowledge that his side have been in these types of situations before and know how to get out of these situations.

“We’ve been in this situation and before and have come back from this, so we’re not panicking about this, we know it can be done and I believe in this team to do it,” said Archer.

Archer and Royals will look to start getting those wins start with their next encounter against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Dubai on Saturday (October 17).



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