Stop Jumping Dog Training

Stop Jumping Dog Training

Stop jumping dog training-Lesson 8

Stop Jumping Dog Training
No matter what your dog does to annoy you, it is unacceptable to physically 
hurt your dog and against the law! Although some people still think that it 
is still alright to hit their dog with a rolled up newspaper, this is still 
cruel and your dog may end up being frightened of you.

Dogs live in a world where everything is a lot bigger than they 
are. One of the only ways that they can make contact is by jumping up on 
people. Many people find this frightening, especially when the dog is big. I 
have heard many stories in which young children or pregnant women have been 
knocked down by large dogs such as Rotweilers or Labradors. 

These dogs should have been trained earlier to stop dangerous situations like this 
occurring.This is when it becomes the owner’s problem rather than the 
dog’s problem.

Stop Jumping Dog Training

If you like your dog jumping up at you to greet you, you can train them 
just to jump up at you when commanded. To begin with however, your dog 
should be trained not to jump up at people at all, especially young 

Just as a rattle could be used to keep your dog from jumping up on the 
sofa, it can also be used to prevent your dog from jumping up at people. You 
can easily make a rattle by putting 20 beans or coins in a tin and closing the lid firmly.

The idea of the rattle is to startle your dog whilst telling him ‘no’ 
in a firm voice. This will usually be enough to stop him, his attention 
being diverted from jumping up at someone to the noise that the tin is 

Make sure that you leave a prepared can at the each of the doors in your house and as 
you see that your dog is about to jump, shake the can to make the noise and 
tell him ‘no’. In order to encourage your dog to respond to your verbal 
command, when telling your dog ‘no’, only use the rattle on some occasions. 
Eventually your dog will respond to your verbal command alone and the rattle 
will no longer be required.

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