Basic sit heel and lay down

Dog Training Basic Sit,Heel and Lay Down

Basic Sit,Heel and Lay Down

Dog Training

Lesson 1

Every owner wants a well behaved and obedient dog but it takes training, 
time and love in order for your dog to become the ‘ideal dog’. One of the 
first lessons that owners should give their dog is to do their business 
outside. Teaching your dog where they can and can’t go to the toilet can be 
tedious and may require the help of a number of family members but once your 
dog is fully trained, you will see that the time and effort was worth it.

 When your new dog is first brought home a good idea is to leave him in the 
garden until he goes to the toilet. After this, bring your dog into the 
house but watch him carefully. If your dog begins to sniff around the house, 
take him outside immediately.

Make a comfortable box at the side of your bed and at night when no-one is 
able to watch your dog, put him in the box. This is also where your dog 
should be put in the day when no-one is available to watch him. You should 
make sure that you take your dog out to the garden right before you go to 
bed and as soon as you get up in the morning to allow your dog to go to the 
toilet. This rule should also be followed if you are going out for the day.

This training may take a few days and your dog may have a couple of 
accidents along the way but your dog should soon learn that if he needs the 
toilet, he can wait by the door in order for someone to let him out to the 

Second Step In Basic Sit,Heel and Lay down

A second important lesson is teaching your dog to sit. Teaching your dog to 
sit is a relatively simple piece of training. One way of training your dog 
to sit is to tell your dog ‘sit’ whilst gently pushing the back of your dog 
down towards the floor. Once successful, give your dog a lot of praise and 
this will encourage your dog to continue to sit when asked to in the future 
as he knows he will receive a lot of attention for doing so.

Another way of teaching your dog to sit is by sitting on the floor next to 
your dog and holding a toy in the air above his head. In order to continue 
looking at the toy, your dog will sit down to get a better view. Once again, 
if your dog is successful in doing this, give him a lot of praise and 

Once your dog has mastered sitting on command, your third lesson would be 
training your dog to lie down. This can be easily accomplished by getting 
the dog to sit and then gently sliding your dog’s front legs out in front of 
him until he is lying down, again giving him plenty of praise..

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