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Barking Dog Control

Barking Dog Control-Lesson 7

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating and when your dog is barking, there 
is often a reason for him doing so. Your dog may be barking for a number of 
reasons, such as boredom, excitement or to alert you to something that he 
can hear but you can’t.

Barking is a problem that can usually be relatively easy to overcome. This 
is especially true if your dog receives a lot of attention, has a lot of 
toys to play with to stop him from getting bored and is getting the right 
amount of exercise.

As an owner, you could start with simple methods of training using your 
dog’s collar and lead. When your dog begins to bark, give a firm tug on the 
lead and tell him ‘no’ in a stern voice. Hopefully your dog will realise 
that when he barks he will be punished and eventually his barking should 

Barking Dog Control

However, if this simple method of training does not work, you may have 
to use more advanced methods of training in order for his barking to stop.
Many of you may find that your dog barks when you are not there. This could 
be because your dog is bored or because he misses you. To solve this 
problem, try leaving the radio on when you go out, on a station where the 
presenters are talking for the majority of the time.. By hearing these 
voices, your dog may be convinced that you are still in the house and his 
barking will stop.

Barking Dog Control

If this fails and your dog still continues to bark, record a normal family 
conversation using a continuous tape, using the word ‘no’ a couple of times 
throughout the recording. Put this tape on when you go out and because your 
dog will think that you are still there, he won’t bark because he knows it’s 
wrong and doesn’t want to be told off.

If Methods Fail

If all other methods fail, one day pretend that you are going out. Make it 
convincing by jangling your keys and shutting and locking the front door, as 
dogs are very perceptive and can pick up on your emotions. Have a slice of 
lemon to hand and when your dog begins to bark, open the door and squeeze a 
couple of drops of lemon juice on his tongue. Your dog won’t like the bitter 
taste and will stop barking immediately. This method may have to be carried 
out a couple of times in order for your dogs barking to stop but it is worth 
the time and effort in the long run.

Over time, you should be able to stop your dog’s barking by just telling him 
‘no’ in a firm voice which leads to a calmer, happier environment
 and neighbors who love your dog rather than reach for the ear plugs all day!

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